Boat Lifts

Boat Lift picture

The signature MiraBay Boat Lift provides residents who live on the lagoon with the means to enter the saltwater canals.


Below are the rules and procedures for the boat ramp. In order to gain access your boat needs to be registered and up to date on annual registration and payment. There is no longer a code for the lock and the procedure below will need to be followed in order to obtain the key for access.


Boat Ramp Access

The Boat Ramp is NOT to be utilized as a “day ramp.” As per the permit

requirements, the Boat Ramp is for the exclusive use of registered boats. It is to be used for emergency, maintenance and delivery purposes only.

1. Hours. Hours of Operation (unless otherwise posted) are from


2. Appointments. When expecting to use the Boat Ramp, please make an

appointment with the reception desk ahead of time.

3. Keys. Obtain a key from the reception desk and leave a Proximity Card.

4. Procedure. At the boat ramp, do the following in order to access the


a. Open the chain

b. Put in or take out craft

c. Secure craft to dock or on trailer and immediately return key.