Clubs & Groups

MiraBay has a variety of groups and clubs, including the popular MiraBay Mariners.

You’re sure to find a group that fits your interests. See all our clubs and groups below.

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MiraBay Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and your community safer. We need you to get involved! Join Us in helping to keep MiraBay a safe place to live. For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Christine Nargi – MiraBay Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
(703) 447-7714
Facebook: Click Here

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New Resident Welcome Club

This group is for new residents of MiraBay looking for recommendations, help within the community and the area and to help make new friends. All residents of MiraBay are welcome into this group.
For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Christine Nargi
(703) 447-7714
Facebook: Click Here

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Bunco Group

This group is for our ladies who are looking to have tons of fun, meet new friends or catch up with old. It is one of the easiest games you will ever play! If you can roll three dice when it’s your turn and enjoy sips out of your beverage glass while it’s not your turn, then you can play this game. Come join in the fun.

We love newbies, and trust us, you won’t be a newbie after five minutes. Come give it a try!

We are planning on holding Bunco every third Thursday of every month. We start at 6:30 p.m. with social time, and we will start the game promptly at 7:00 p.m., so we can conclude at straight up 9:00, as we know everyone needs their sleep.
The cost is $5.00 (but you might win it back plus more)!

Bring your beverage of choice and a snack to pass, if you wish.
For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Tammy Holt
Facebook: Click Here


Anglers Club

Calling all MiraBay fisherman and women to join in organizing a community fishing group! If you have an interest in fishing, even if you don’t currently have a boat. Join us monthly, on the 3rd Wednesday, to assist with developing a plan that will enhance your enjoyment of the natural resources around us! Contact Stu Shepherd at



The Bridge Group plays on Wednesdays at 10am at the Admiral Pointe Clubhouse. Don’t know how to play? No Problem, we will teach you! Meet your neighbors and have fun, all we need is you!

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Dinner Club

The MiraBay Dinner Club was started based on the desire for residents to gather several times a year in friendship, and to relax and enjoy dinner together. Many years later, it still has the same goal and remains a strong part of MiraBay’s culture.

Dinners are typically held every other month throughout the year (January through November). Members of the club attend six dinners per year. Five of these dinners are attended as guests participating with meal preparations. Once a year, each member hosts a dinner in their own home. Occasionally, there are all member events as well. You won’t want to miss out on the fun!

For more assistance, you can reach out to:

Sharon Stark at

(603) 381-5298

Facebook: Click Here


Homebrewer’s Club

Making beer at home is easy and fun. This group would be aimed at men and women 21 and older who are interested in learning the art of brewing beer. First time brewers or old pros would be welcome and even those who don’t want to brew themselves but are interested in watching the process happen while enjoying a homebrew!

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(Tuesday & Thursday Group)

You don’t need to be an experienced player. Come out have fun and meet new neighbors. A new game, new friends you can’t lose!

This club meets every Tuesday at 1:00pm as well as Thursdays at 10:00am, with lunch at 12pm, both at the Admiral Pointe Clubhouse.

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MiraBay Girls

This group provides the ultimate “Girls Night Out.” Popular activities planned on a weekly basis include: game nights at the clubhouse, area high teas, holiday-oriented potlucks and shopping sprees. Events are limited only by the imagination of the planners! Join these fun-loving ladies living the good life at MiraBay.

For more assistance, you can reach out to:

Mari Tyre


Dragon boat

Dragon Boat Club

The MiraBay Dragon Boat Club is organized to promote and foster paddling for leisure and as a sport in the Tampa Bay Community through the promotion of recreational and competitive paddling. Membership in the MiraBay Dragon Boat Club is open to all MiraBay residents and guests ages 12 and up. Practices are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings throughout the year.

For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Banks Edwards
(813) 260-3973

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SeaCrest Wags

Wine Appreciation Girls Society. WAGS is our MiraBay group of ladies that gather to have fun and enjoy lively events throughout the year. WAGS is our way of saying . . . Wine Appreciating Girls Society! We go out for dinner once a week, usually on Wednesdays.

For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Diane Lee
(240) 357-3162


Recreational Softball Club

Recreational softball that may include league, tournaments, intramural, scrimmages, hitting or other softball related activities. We welcome all MiraBay residents regardless of their level of play. We currently have two coed teams.
For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Dean L. Walters
(727) 430-6547

MiraBay Softball 2022 | Facebook


MiraBay Mariners Club

The purpose of MiraBay Mariners: to promote safe boating, stimulate an interest in boating and to foster a spirit of goodwill and FUN within the MiraBay Community. This group has been created for MiraBay residents and is open to all residents. The Mariners meetings are held at The MiraBay Club on the second Tuesday evening of every other month at 6:30 p.m. You do not need to own a boat to join and/or participate in our group.

For more assistance, you can reach out to:

Email: or

Facebook: Click Here


100 Women Who Care

Members of 100 Women Who Care commit to a $100 pledge at 4 meetings per year. The goal is to have 100 or more members, which would result in a lump sum of $10,000 for the charitable organization selected at each meeting. The concept is patterned after the original 100 Women Who Care, started in 2006 by Karen Dunigan, from Jackson, Michigan. Because it is so simple and effective, the concept has been implemented in many communities throughout the country. For more information, please contact Debbie VanOre at

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Pickleball is a paddle sport (similar to a racket sport) that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. The Pickleball Club is a friendly group that plays daily along with regular meetings. New players are always welcome, and we look forward to seeing you on the courts! Contact Brian Z at


Travel Club

The MiraBay Travel Club was founded by and for residents who love to travel and seek to share their experiences with friends and neighbors. Our purpose is to also help those who wish to see more of the world but need a little help.

We’re focused on elevated travel experiences, seeking unique and emerging destinations, out of the ordinary travels that are a step beyond your everyday All-Inclusive Resort or Mainstream Cruise. We seek to be travelers, not “vacationers”.

Residents can join us on Facebook at @MiraBayTravelClub

For more information, contact Chip Barker. or Kathie Anderson



MiraBay Wine Club (Residents only)

Friends and neighbors in MiraBay who like to drink wine and socialize. Wine club is held at a different resident’s home each month.
For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Karen Boreham

Christine Nargi


Facebook: Click Here



The Needlework Group meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. We welcome all persons who knit, crochet, quilt, cross stitch, needlepoint, etc. Our purpose is to exchange information, help solve problems and talk. We meet at various homes.
For more assistance, you can reach out to:
Anne Frappier

Cub Scout

Apollo Beach Cub Scout pack 107

For information, please contact:

Tammy and Brian holt (COR and Cub Master)

Email Here

(269) 744-5582

Walk Fitness

Running Club

The running club: Organized to bring together like-minded runners, no enthusiasts, in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle while having fun. The group conducts a weekly run on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. starting and ending at Four Stacks Brewing.


Made In MiraBay

We are a group of creative residents who paint, sew, build, Cochet, bake, one-of-a-kind items, you cant easily find in stores. We focus on home décor, art, design, food and more! Our goal is to foster creativity amongst friends and neighbors here in MiraBay. We plan to gather at a members home every other month for a creative project. Made in MiraBay will also host 1-3 Made in MiraBay Markets throughout the year.

For more assistance, you can reach out to:

Linnea Szymanski


Kelly Sill



MiraBay Veterans Group

A forum for our US Military Veterans within the MiraBay Community. A place to socialize, a place to help one another, to pay it forward for others. We welcome all residents within Mirabay who have served their country!

Our Regular Meeting Dates are Quarterly. First Tuesday of the corresponding month. May, August, November, February *Meeting for the second quarter changed to 17 May to accommodate guest speaker.

Meeting times are 1800-1900 (6:00-7:00pm)

Contact information:

Eric Lanham, 611 Balibay Rd


Phone: 813-956-3508

Facebook: Click Here

Table Games2

MiraBay Table Games Club

If you like to play Euchre, MajJong, Mexican Train or any other table games, then this is the club to join!

We welcome both beginners & experienced players for an afternoon of friendship & fun in the Lagoon Room

Meeting Times:   Wednesdays in the Lagoon Room (1:00-4:00pm)

Contact Information:

Grace Schweiger

207 Summerside Ct.


Phone: 607-240-6138



(Wednesday Group)

You don’t need to be an experienced player. Come out have fun and meet new neighbors. A new game, new friends you can’t lose!

This club meets every Wednesday at 1:00pm  at the Admiral Pointe Clubhouse.

Contact Information:

Cecelia Schwabe

Phone: 863-221-1680

Mirabay Tennis Club

The MiraBay Tennis Club is a vibrant community that brings together tennis enthusiasts to foster the growth of tennis in MiraBay. Our club serves as a hub for players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, united by a shared love for the game. Our primary goal is to expand and strengthen the local tennis community, creating an inclusive space for individuals to develop their skills, make new friends, and enjoy the sport in a supportive environment.

Our club not only offers opportunities for friendly matches but also allows members to showcase their skills in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Additionally, we organize teams to participate in USTA (United States Tennis Association) and UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) leagues, allowing our members to represent MiraBay on a broader stage and connect with tennis enthusiasts beyond our local community.

Join us on Saturdays as we serve up a dynamic blend of camaraderie, skill development, and spirited competition at the MiraBay Tennis Club. For more information, reach out to:

Pedro Franco